Thursday, July 22, 2010

Surprisingly, I Like The Warriors' Moves

The Golden State Warriors have been one of the many active teams in the wild summer of 2010. David Lee is forthcoming, young players will come back better and did I mention Harvard phenom Jeremy Lin? I'm scratching my head as to why there was no ESPN special as we speak. Golden State would also benefit from a healthy roster (though David Lee already has an injury), something that forced them to bring in D-Leaguers last season. In addition to all of that, the new owner sounds more committed to winning.

But don't they still lay back on defense? It's too early to tell. If the new owner keeps Don Nelson as the coach, expect terrible defense. Word has yet to come out on whether Nelson returns to the helm or not. Seeing as management is changing though, the feelings about the importance of defense will likely rise.

The Warriors' roster, if healthy, is a more formidable defensive team than they were last year. Lee isn't a tremendous defender by any stretch, but his effort level will be there. Andris Biedrins only suited up for 33 games last season and he's a guy who can be a presence on defense. Nelson should really instill some defense into the team if he returns, but that would be like asking LeBron to stay in Cleveland.

That begs the question-should Nelson return to coach this team? I am in between on that. He is a guy who knows the game and can certainly orchestrate an offense. But, with young talent that could really develop over time, do you want to miss out on what truly wins playoff games? The Suns have wised up on how they feel about defense. Let's face it, the Warriors could never win a title playing the way Nelson does, with the current (or even a stacked offensive team) roster.

Jeremy Lin, the newest Warrior, has quite a story: an undrafted point guard from Harvard, who got himself a job (partially guaranteed) by performing well in the summer league. During the summer, he showed that he is a tough nosed point guard who can run an offense and make aggressive moves going toward the basket. Just like the crowd that got behind him in Vegas, I got behind him. He's easy to root for. I hope Lin can play well and find some rotation minutes in Golden State.

How far can Golden State go next season? Right now, best case would be a lower level playoff spot. They should be in the mid to low 30's with wins this year for sure. Defend your house, I say! Tis the only way to make your mark, Warriors!

Here's a tweet from @warriorsworld (also check their site out) on the current state of the squad: