Sunday, July 11, 2010

John Wall's Summer League Debut

Lightning quick, gone in a snap. John Wall's penchant for speed without regard for the game hurt him more than it helped. Turnovers, poor shot selection early and slight frustration were seen early. Aside from a slow start, overall Wall was what I expected. I see the room for improvement, but I also see a point guard I'll grow to love.

In the early going, he was jittery and quick to pull the trigger on some poor shot attempts. Thus his bad shooting start. Wall controlled the offense in the half court decently, but I expect that to grow with surrounding talent and experience. His game in the open court embodies the most sought player in todays NBA: quick guards. The game starts with guards now and Wall certainly can ignite any squad.

Kevin McHale called the game and made a valid point on Walls jumper. He said it looked better than he expected. It seems pretty smooth, still does need some tweeks, but what rookie doesn't have work to do? Wall is well aware that the jumper is his known weak point and he's putting the time in to get better at it.

The dud in his first showing was the eight turnovers he coughed up. It mostly occurred because he tried to do too much too fast. Wall needs to establish a series of different speeds in his game. That will come with time, but that will dramatically rev up his efficiency.

Washington should be excited. A top class point guard who is a star in the making is on his way. Sure, he committed turnovers and played too fast, but mistakes are what makes the one at fault improve. Wall will improve with every second of experience he gets.

Photo from: Yahoo! Sports