Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Why CNN Should Apologize To Basketball Purists

I've never really been a fan of CNN. Sure, they inform, but, they over do coverage on the biggest stories and fail to broaden their news reports. Now, they are truly disappointing me. Why? Because, LeBron "The Constant Distraction" James is being interviewed on Larry King Live this Friday. The idea is not bad to me. The timing, on the other hand, couldn't be worse.

CNN's PR people obviously don't know what starts on Thursday night. I'll let them in on it: the NBA FINALS, the climax of the season, the two best teams fighting it out, doesn't feature LeBron, kick off the night before. I know what the true intent of this interview is. While CNN will also discuss LeBron's "success" as an athlete (though he's really won nothing without a ring), the July free agency madness will be what everyone wants to hear about.

I don't blame the people for wanting to hear where LeBron's mind is on his free agency. I would love to know where LeBron is going too. But when the best basketball is being played, I want to hear nothing of it. LeBron's status shouldn't be discussed until the finals are over.

The media these days has come to prove that this won't really happen. If I had it my way, the LeBron coverage would not happen until after the champion is crowned. Instead we hear many false rumors about free agent summits and that LeBron favors Cleveland. Blah, blah, blah!

My respect for CNN is at an all time low. True basketball fans who love every part of the game are being cheated here. The top focus ought to be on the two best teams battling for basketball superiority, not seemingly daily deviation to where a 25 year old (and his friends) will be playing next season.

When you look into a phrase dictionary next, look for a picture of LeBron next to "pointless hype".


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