Friday, June 18, 2010

The NBA Season Went Out With A True Bang

Tough defense. Nothing easy. Enough banging down low to make Tila Tequila jealous. This was the culmination of what was a tremendous series and season. I went in a Lakers fan, but, in all the finals series I've watched in my young life, I've never had more respect for the opponent of my team than the Celtics. Going into game seven undermanned and seemingly outmatched down low, Rasheed Wallace and the whole team didn't give up. Some shots just didn't fall for them. They were still right there and that's why they've earned a hat tip.

One other thing about last nights game: best defense-centric game I've seen. Typically these grind it out games where offense is porous lose the love and fire I have for that game. Not this one. I can't tell you how much I jumped around in my house, both in frustration and appreciation. When it all ended, I couldn't have enjoyed it more. I was up the entire game and I felt that it was more than worth it.

Nearly surpassing the game were the sights of the celebrations. The embracings of Sasha and Kobe, and others were quite funny, especially when they were in slow-motion. Ron Artest had hilarious moments to say the least, as I posted earlier. All of his emotions made me realize just how much he wanted it and how appreciative I was of where he's come. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a special time for his career.

Again, I want to give it up to the Celtics. They played hard and aren't winners on paper, but they're winners in my book. Going out with honor and without sacrifice is as much a personal win for them as it is a true disappointment that they didn't win. Doc Rivers, you did all you could. If this is the end of the line for him, he can rest assured knowing he put it all on the line for this team. Same goes for Rasheed. Great careers that would be a shame to see end.

I want to thank all my readers this season, also. I love you all.

Photo by: Christian Petersen
Photo from: Yahoo! Sports

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