Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hasheem Thabeet Gets His Own Shoes?

Yep, Hasheem freakin' Thabeet has his own Li-Ning shoes. Let's just say it was a surprise that the extremely raw seven footer who was taken second in last years draft (which, was underrated looking at how the rookies are performing) would get his own shoes.

Either way, maybe Thabeet can somehow use this as motivation? I don't know, but this guy has a long way to go. A feature of the shoes might be "substantial development in professional basketball playing ability," then I'd see Li-Ning's logic.

The shoes don't look like anything really special. Nice Kicks has some more pictures if you're interested. They're pretty plain unless you're a big Grizzlies fan. There currently isn't a plan for a US release as of yet.

Thabeet can only work his ass off. His doubters are everywhere, but he's got some defensive skills that he could expand on. If he can add a little offense, he could be a solid player. But number two way too early Memphis.