Monday, September 28, 2009

Video: Gilbert Arenas and Dwayne Wade Workouts has been producing some great videos lately. I've always loved seeing how NBA players workout and they're giving us some good workout footage. I picked the two players in the title because they work with Tim Grover at Attack Athletics. He's doing great work with guys like Arenas, Wade and Tracy McGrady. From what I've heard, he's really amazing.

So here are the videos:

With some real stuff to talk about soon, I promise we'll have more real content. Trust me!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Delonte West: To Play or Not To Play?

Delonte West was charged with gun possession recently, but reports say he'll be in camp for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This surprised me. I thought the Cavs organization might not want him in camp yet, that they'd allow him to work on his personal issues.

When I thought about it some more, I found some sense in it. If you think back to when Kobe Bryant dealt with his sexual assault trial, he was still as great if not a better basketball asset. If West can get out on the court and forget the rest of the world, it will help him focus on the hardwood and calm his feelings toward his past mistakes.

The Cavs are probably doing some thinking about West though. He had some depression issues two seasons ago and now has gun possession charges. Teams are always obsessed about how they look from a community standpoint. West has shown he doesn't represent obeying the law very well. That's something that factors in when trade offers come in.

This is the final straw for West. He'll start to get it now. When he looks at what he's done, he'll get his act together enough to stay in line. I know he's crazy, but dude loves his basketball.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two Random NBA Photoshops

I'm just beginning to learn Photoshop. Gotta say, it's a fun program that I really wanna get a grasp of. Tell me what you think of these!

Stay tuned to NBAtipoff, we'll be churning up the postage soon!

Check Out the New North Station Sports

My buddy Nick Gelso is running a new and improved North Station Sports. Just wanted to point you all to it, especially Celtics fans.

This site is lookin good, but it's still not done! Keep your eyes on it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

NBA Crystal Ball: John Wall

With about as much going on in the NBA as there is in black hole, why don't we look at a player who's probably going to be the talk of next years draft? John Wall, a quick point guard who's playing for Kentucky this year is the guy. In what I've seen, he's got the flash that fits the NBA (I'm sure you remember when he took Jerry Stackhouse's lunch money). But, I want to see more of him before I deem him an amazing NBA prospect.

I could watch all the YouTube mixes under the sun, but that doesn't tell me if he'll fit into an NBA teams system. Tendencies can't be found when you only see the good plays. Player evaluation can only be done after seeing at least a game or two.

So, I'll say that Wall excites me. His ball handling is superb and he clearly is a tough guard because of his speed and quick change of direction. But, one thing I noticed in the YouTube mixes I want to point out: I only saw one jump shot. This scouting report says that his jumper's only good enough to keep the defense honest.

His case reminds me of current NBA rookie Demar Derozan. Coming into the draft, his mid-range game was questioned. I remember reading about how he was the first one in the gym before a summer league game. He put in the work and, while it's yet to be seen if he'll improve, I'd bet that he will.

For this year of college, I want Wall to only practice fundamentals. Don't try to perfect dunks during practice. Make 10 three's in a row, then aim for 15. I know I sound like a coach, but if Wall can take what he does in mixes and do it in the NBA, then he could be very special. Also, I'm really tired of these quick, athletic, strong guys that can't shoot jumpers. While the story of how they improve always interests me, it's getting old.

But, I'll say that the jumper I saw didn't look horrible. He's got a step up on Rondo, for sure.

Here's a mix for you:

College and high school fans who know more about John Wall, I want to hear from you. Leave your thoughts on him in the comments!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Video: Top 10 Blazer Plays has been churning out some top 10 team plays videos lately. I urge you to head on over to the NBA video page and find the others. I really like this Blazers video. They're exciting and young to boot.

My favorites are Brandon Roy's dunk against the Clippers, that glorious game winner of his and the in bounds alley-oop.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shoe of The Week: Li-Ning Baron Davis BD1

Disclaimer: I'm no full on sneaker head, but every week we're gettin our shoe on here! Each week I'll pick a shoe that I like, basketball, or normal. Get your new leather smell ready!

It's been a while since we've done a shoe of the week. We'll try to churn them out as frequently as we can.

These are some solid shoes from Li-Ning. They are a Chinese shoe company that has a couple NBA players (Davis, Shaq, even Chuck Hayes) and are trying to be the equivalent of Nike.

Baron Davis is going to be wearing these next season. I like them. They are not amazing, I'd like a couple things changed, but for their first signature shoe with him, they did a fine job. I would change this big red logo.

Bad news here is we don't know if they'll be released in the US! It would be sad to see these not come over. I bet they'd be affordable style. If I hear of a US release, I will let you all know. But for now, all we have are pictures and Baron Davis games next year to see these.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rider Wants Back In NBA?
It seems that point guard Isaiah Rider has come out of retirement and wants to come back to the NBA, several sources told FootBasket. Rider, who just now turned 38 years old back in March, wants to make a comeback. He was last seen with the Denver Nuggets back in the 2001-02 season, averaging about nine points, three rebounds, and one assist per game for the team.

He has had about 10,000 points and about 1,500 assists for his nine-year career. Rider was also the Slam Dunk champion back in 1994. Rider has been received interest by the teams like the New Jersey Nets and now the Minnesota Timberwolves. It has been reported that Rider has matured after his incidents he has been occurred in.

If the NBA doesn't work out for him, a source told FB that he may play overseas like a team like the Olympiakos where he might play with such stars like Josh Childress, Linas Kleiza, and Von Wafer. He may also join the North Texas Fresh of the American Basketball Association.

I hope all works out for Rider. Anyways, I hope you know some of your NBA history. Rider was known for that crazy shot, known for the Shot of the Decade. Not ringing a bell? Don't worry, I got it all covered.

Damn! If he could do that again, he's good to go. Literally.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Who Really Wants Stephen Jackson?

Stephen Jackson wants a trade. He's said he wants to go somewhere he can win a title. Sure, he may be a solid role player for a team trying to win a title--he's a 6'8, 31-year-old title winning scorer. Yet, when you think about it, the contenders are already stacked and Jackson's contract really isn't that movable anyway.

With the current economic climate, the Nets seemingly selling their manhood to fill seats, Jackson just isn't that easy to take on. To think about taking him on, you'd have to forget that Jackson's making $10 million a year when he's 34. That's paying top dollar for past prime merchandise. That wouldn't be seen as much of a deal, unless you're on the same crazy juice that Don Nelson must be sipping.

Putting the juice down, the contenders have covered his spot anyway. The Lakers have Artest at SF, the Cavs have the somewhat decent player, last name James, and the Magic just brought in Vince Carter. Jackson said he wants to be moved to a contender, a Texas team or New York. We can certainly cross off the list of contenders and New York (because of his contract) right?

Unless another Jamal Crawford-to-the-Hawks type move is made, Jackson likely won't move. No team not gunning for a ring will try to take on more salary, the Bucks aren't trying to win three more games and still miss the playoffs.

Here a some tweets on this whole deal:

@talkhoops (check his blog): I think as long as Don Nelson is there, he won't go. But if Nelson steps down, they may deal him. Just my opinion.

@thenolookpass (his blog): I don't blame him for wanting a trade; the team's going nowhere. If he does get traded, it'll just be a salary dump of some sort.

Don't worry, Oakland. I'm confident Stephen Jackson will stick around, whether you like it or not.