Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Talk Around the Hardwood

Tonight's schedule is like a second Thanksgiving dinner. 12 games, not a ton of quality matchups, but enough to keep you switching the game you focus on all night long. I'm looking to see how Brandon Jennings fairs against the Lakers tonight and if Tracy McGrady will get some burn tonight since Trevor Ariza is back from suspension. Now let us link!

  • Slam Online. More LeBron-Kobe puppet action.
  • North Station Sports. Brian Scalabrine may not get off the bench, but he can attempt to sing Christmas carols.
  • The No Look Pass. A look at tanking in the NBA and if it really makes sense or not.
  • The Dream Shake. Some links concerning T-Mac's comeback and a great YouTube video I've never seen at the end.
  • The Painted Area. 2010 FIBA Worlds are closer than you think, here's a preview of who will be balling there.
  • Blazers Edge (via Cowbell Kingdom). If you scroll through the notes from Blazers Edge, you can see that Nate McMillan thinks very highly of Tyreke Evans (can you blame him?).
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