Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shoe of The Week: Zoom Kobe V

Nike officially unveiled the Zoom Kobe V this Tuesday. It has a similar look and weight to the Zoom Kobe IV, but this version is an ounce lighter (10.6 ounces per shoe) and further utilizes Nike technology (i.e. new, lighter Flywire).

This video I found on Nice Kicks further explains the shoes:

The engineering and work that went into these shoes is impressive. Nike has put tons of work into making sure these are the lightest basketball shoes ever. Another Kobe V thing to check out, this exclusive interview about the shoe on Complex.

I am thinking about getting some of these. Depending on the pricing, I want to see what the low, light basketball shoe is all about. I need the extra speed and want the edge and look. If I take the plunge, a in-depth review will follow.

These hit retail on January 16th. The price hasn't been announced as far as I know. It is available for purchase on NikeiD December 25th, though. The amount of customization possible with the iD is truly mind blowing. You can even mess around and make your own colorway here.

Will you be getting the Zoom Kobe V's?