Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Game To Catch Tonight: Suns-Mavs

Tonight's schedule is not too pretty. As I write this, some of the worse games of the night are just underway. The game to catch for sure is Suns-Mavs. These are two teams that have gotten to hot starts. Each of them came out a lot better than expected for sure. They seem to be both be struggling of late, but someone will start to get back on the right track tonight.

With the Mavs at home, I'll take them tonight. Dirk has been amazing this season and with the Suns lack of any D, especially for the unique big man that Dirk is, I don't see anything different happening tonight.

Secondary intriguing game of the night is Kings-Hornets. This is a game of teams that when I think of them, I think of potential. Since the firing of Coach Scott in New Orleans, the team looks like it's caught a spark and I haven't seen how good they are with CP3 back yet. The Kings are another surprising team and Tyreke Evans is crazy fun to watch. Here's to hoping this game stays close.

Make the most of tonight's overall weak schedule. I will tweet some thoughts on the games (hopefully)!