Thursday, December 10, 2009

Game To Catch Tonight: Celtics-Wizards

To say the least, the Wizards haven't lived up to expectations. At 7-12, it's time to put or shut up. The blogging world has noticed that the Wiz have struggled, the talk of breaking up the big three has been mentioned. Caron Butler was mentioned as the one who should be moved, but, the Wizards are still evaluating this team. Healthy for the most part now, they're still getting to know themselves, a new system and a new coach. Some mediocrity was OK initially, but, if they don't pick it up soon, someone will be moved or fired.

That's why tonight's game is important. We're about a fourth of the way through the season, Washington has home court and it's a nationally televised game (TNT, 8:00 PM Eastern time). Average fans will use this game to evaluate Gilbert Arenas health and effectiveness since his return from all of his injuries. Obviously this is only from a Wizards perspective, but the C's of course want to come in and take this game.

The concern here for Boston is that they don't play to their ability until the third quarter. I've seen plenty of Celtics games this year and they keep things close until the third quarter. Once that third Q comes around, this game could be done. But Doc Rivers goal is to put this team to bed as early as possible. That killer instinct against everyone has been weak. I want to see them play the purest basketball they can for 48 minutes.

Tonight will be an underdog victory. Arenas will recognize who he's playing and turn his offense up a little earlier. His late game execution and efficiency has been lacking, but I see it ending up differently tonight. The Celtics are due for a loss also, they've pulled off eight straight. Wizards take it close tonight!