Sunday, December 06, 2009

Basketball Blogs Speak: Greg Oden Out For The Year

Greg Oden is out for yet again another season. After he fractured his left patella, the team announced that he's likely out for the season. Tons of great writing out there about this, we're gonna link to some of the best of it (would be more links if Blazersedge didn't grab everything you need, but there's a few others).

  • Blazersedge. Very good reaction posts, included videos and quotes from players and management. Great stuff.
  • Beyond the Beat. Oden's injury could have been prevented last season.
  • Hardwood Paroxysm. Matt Moore talks about a post from Daily Thunder on how this and other injuries doesn't really make KD the real right choice or the better player back in that draft when Oden went #1. Important read for Blazers fans, especially the ones who are now pessimistic.

Please get better Greg! I'm looking for 82 great games next season. I can feel it!

Blazers fans have to continue with their heads up. They've got a healthy amount of injuries now, but nothing should stop a team with Brandon Roy, Lamarcus Aldridge and Andre Miller from doing something in the playoffs. Maybe it won't be as amazing as what it could have been, but the Blazers still have a working team that should get some wins.

Photo by: Bruce Ely AP Photo/The Oregonian
Found on: ESPN