Thursday, November 19, 2009

Talk Around the Hardwood

About time I do a link post..

  • Project Spurs. Antonio Daniels Back In Silver & Black?
  • YouTube. KG tosses in a 75-foot shot. Who cares that it didn't count! Amazing.
  • LA Times. Pau says he'll be back tonight!
  • Slam Online. Miami, along with New York, are said to interested in AI.
  • North Station Sports. The C's have been playing OK ball of late, but it's good enough to beat the Warriors.
  • Dime Mag. CP3 won't be wearing one yet, but the Hornets have new Mardi Gras jerseys.
  • Best Player on the Planet. Should the Lakers make this trade?
  • Nets Are Scorching. That blog may not have a real legit name right now, but CDR isn't taking an 0-12 record lightly.