Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Talk Around the Hardwood

Wednesday means it's link time!

  • Deadspin. Who knew people would want Tyler Hansbrough for a car ad? WOW.
  • How To Watch Sports. Is LeBron a spitting image of KG?
  • North Station Sports. Post game analysis of last nights Celtics-Sixers game written by yours truly.
  • Slam Online. Are the new rims causing an increase in scoring this season?
  • Peachtree Hoops. I'm amazed that the Hawks beat the Blazers in Portland, but this shows how they did it.
  • Dueling Couches. Warning: don't click that link if you're a Clipper fan. If you're not, click and laugh your ass off!
  • The No-Look Pass. The TNLP crew look at the Donaghy book excerpts and give their thoughts on them.
  • Boston Hearld. Some more insights on that little Rondo-Paul argument.