Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jennings Starting To Slide A Bit

Brandon Jennnings has taken the NBA by storm so far. When he went off for 55 points, the media acclaim started. He appeared on PTI, media informed the world on the rook and ESPN changed the national TV schedule just to get the young buck on national TV. As solid as Jennings is, his game, specifically his offensive efficiency, is declining of late. Over the last five games, Jennings shot 28-87 from the field. That doesn't mesh well with Bucks wins either, they've gone 1-4 in the their last five games.

Jennings hasn't hit the rookie wall, but he's built a piece of the wall up. His performance on the road isn't as strong as his work at home. That's something he's got to change. His play in their recent home stand is better than his road labor, when talking about scoring. That's the only part of his game that isn't as strong. His assist numbers have fluctuated recently, but, when I watch the Bucks, I see that Jennings is doing his part. He gets the team into the right sets, make smart plays and doesn't usually force up shots.

I saw him force a shot in last nights tough loss against the Magic. He looked frustrated. Coach Skiles will have to work with him on that. It's only because he's a rookie, it doesn't worry me. I play basketball and I've done the same thing. If you aren't aware, he and Jennings look over game film and critique his game. Jennings certainly has the right teachers around him.

Another thing Jennings hasn't done is play a great game against an elite team. He had his first taste of the Magic last night. His game wasn't anything special, but, he'll have two more chances very soon. Two important games for my impression on his early year play will be December 8th at Boston and December 16th against the Lakers. The first one of these two games will have more meaning to me because it's on the road. If Jennings can play great against one of the best teams in the league, on the road as a rookie, I'll get a lot closer to the Jennings bandwagon. The Lakers game will be another key additional game to watch and evaluate, but they'll be at home and the Lakers starting point guard, Derek Fisher, should have a lot more trouble with Jennings than Rajon Rondo will. Sorry Fish, you're not as quick as you used to be and that wasn't too fast to begin with (still love you Fisher).

So far, given the choice, Jennings is the easy pick for Rookie of the Year. But, he's got many things to improve upon. If he can sustain his play against bad competition and translate it to play against the best, he'll win the ROY, easy. Things like that are much easier said than done, resiliency is the key.


The Ref said...

Check out this stat with Brandon Jennings in this week's power rankings.

James said...

Slide or no slide, what Jennings has done so far is nothing short of amazing.