Thursday, October 01, 2009

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Today is the first day of official 2009-10 action. Sure it's the pre-season and it's not on TV, but hell, it's something. Two pretty damn good teams too. The Jazz, with D Will, Boozer and crew battling Denver with Melo and Chauncey. Just feels good to be talking about two teams facing each other again!

I hope Sloan doesn't push his team too hard. The Jazz had way too many injuries last year and I want to see how good they can be at full strength. At full strength, the Jazz are going to have much more firepower to work with. Even though the pre-season rotation will differ from the regular season rotation, I want to see how the minutes will be toggled between Boozer and Millsap. Also, just want to point out that JR Smith, who is suspended for the first seven games of the season, will be in action in the pre-season. Thanks, @TheMileHighFan, check their blog too.

Rejoice NBA fans, it's October. We no longer have to deal with Aaron Grey headlines as the top story of the day!