Thursday, October 15, 2009

Talking About a Young Italian Knickerbocker

Danilo Gallinari is going into an important sophomore season. The Rooster's (his nickname, if you didn't know) got to show New York that he's got game enough to make things bearable for them this season. He's got some talent and some tools and I'm eager to see how he does. Hopefully he'll actually play the whole year.

He didn't really get his feet wet last season. Playing only 28 games, he showed a very nice shooting touch (Mike D'Antoni called him the best shooter he's seen), solid one on one moves and he still wasn't 100%. He's closer now, though D'Antoni says he's still not in NBA shape. I'd bet that he'll be up to coach's standards a quarter of the way through the season. The issue is probably more about his endurance not measuring up to the demands of D'Antoni's run and gun system yet.

I haven't seen much of him in the pre-season yet, but looking at his stats, he's been solid, yet inefficient (seven PPG, on 26% shooting and about four boards a game). I would expect his numbers in the regular season to be a little higher, but it might be tough getting him solid minutes with Wilson Chandler being the one who I presume will start. Gallinari produced somewhat well in a bench role last year, but I want to see him begin to challenge Chandler for his spot. Make the coach think twice about who's starting at least.

To sum it up, watch out for that Italian dude in a Knicks jersey. If he stays healthy, he should have a real solid year.

(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler)


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