Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Can Feel Excitement in Toronto Again

Demar Derozan sticks a nasty put back dunk, Amir Johnson blocks a Nick Young dunk attempt and it's only October. I got my first taste of the 2009-10 Raptors squad in a game against the Wizards and I have to say I'm excited for their season. While I have some serious questions about the team, I know that they're going to be very fun to watch and will score the ball with ease.

Even without Hedo playing yet, I can tell this team is back to playoff contention. Bosh put on weight, Derozan will be an impact player this year and additions like Jarrett Jack and Johnson will help off the bench.

Remembering back to last year, it seemed like the Raps tanked a little. They were a team that fired it's coach early in the season, made trades that would give them salary relief in the off-season and weren't exactly putting winning first.

Now they're back. You can question the signing of 30 year old Hedo Turkoglu and the defensive abilities of this squad. But you cannot question whether they are moving in the right direction. They're closer to a title now than they were last year.

If you can go to a game, kick back with friends and jump out of your seat once or twice, it's not a bad thing. I'm glad you're getting your dignity back, Raptors fans. Also, here's a great preview of the Raptors season on Ball Don't Lie.

Here's some of that excitement I was talking about (via @jeskeets):