Sunday, October 11, 2009

Can The Season Start Before We Think of 70+ Wins?

The NBA season is now just 15 days away. It's pre-season and while I love speculating about how teams will do, can't we just show a little constraint and not mention the Bulls historic 72 win season (or 70 wins period)?

It's not like I don't want players to be confident, it's just the simple fact that you haven't even play a single game yet that mattered. 70 wins is plausible only with an almost perfect season by a very well constructed team these days. There are really only two, maybe three teams I'd even think about saying that about.

Rasheed Wallace said the Celtics could do it and TNT broadcaster and former player Reggie Miller said the Lakers could do it. Is it possible that LA and Boston could have injury free seasons? Yes, but I seriously doubt it. Additionally, the new additions on these teams look good on paper, but haven't meshed completely yet.

Some teams that look great or better on paper could actually end up being worse. Allow some time for evaluation before you make such a bold prediction.

Does a great regular season mean anything? Besides homecourt in the playoffs and maybe something for commentators to point out? It doesn't put a championship ring on your finger and it doesn't raise a banner to the rafters. Set goals for the second season before you set goals for the first season.


Nick Gelso said...

You couldn't be more right! This is so annoying! This happens every year since MJ and the Bulls did it. Before then everyone used to bring up the legendary Lakers team that did it in the early 70s.

Let it go!