Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Who Really Wants Stephen Jackson?

Stephen Jackson wants a trade. He's said he wants to go somewhere he can win a title. Sure, he may be a solid role player for a team trying to win a title--he's a 6'8, 31-year-old title winning scorer. Yet, when you think about it, the contenders are already stacked and Jackson's contract really isn't that movable anyway.

With the current economic climate, the Nets seemingly selling their manhood to fill seats, Jackson just isn't that easy to take on. To think about taking him on, you'd have to forget that Jackson's making $10 million a year when he's 34. That's paying top dollar for past prime merchandise. That wouldn't be seen as much of a deal, unless you're on the same crazy juice that Don Nelson must be sipping.

Putting the juice down, the contenders have covered his spot anyway. The Lakers have Artest at SF, the Cavs have the somewhat decent player, last name James, and the Magic just brought in Vince Carter. Jackson said he wants to be moved to a contender, a Texas team or New York. We can certainly cross off the list of contenders and New York (because of his contract) right?

Unless another Jamal Crawford-to-the-Hawks type move is made, Jackson likely won't move. No team not gunning for a ring will try to take on more salary, the Bucks aren't trying to win three more games and still miss the playoffs.

Here a some tweets on this whole deal:

@talkhoops (check his blog): I think as long as Don Nelson is there, he won't go. But if Nelson steps down, they may deal him. Just my opinion.

@thenolookpass (his blog): I don't blame him for wanting a trade; the team's going nowhere. If he does get traded, it'll just be a salary dump of some sort.

Don't worry, Oakland. I'm confident Stephen Jackson will stick around, whether you like it or not.