Sunday, September 27, 2009

Delonte West: To Play or Not To Play?

Delonte West was charged with gun possession recently, but reports say he'll be in camp for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This surprised me. I thought the Cavs organization might not want him in camp yet, that they'd allow him to work on his personal issues.

When I thought about it some more, I found some sense in it. If you think back to when Kobe Bryant dealt with his sexual assault trial, he was still as great if not a better basketball asset. If West can get out on the court and forget the rest of the world, it will help him focus on the hardwood and calm his feelings toward his past mistakes.

The Cavs are probably doing some thinking about West though. He had some depression issues two seasons ago and now has gun possession charges. Teams are always obsessed about how they look from a community standpoint. West has shown he doesn't represent obeying the law very well. That's something that factors in when trade offers come in.

This is the final straw for West. He'll start to get it now. When he looks at what he's done, he'll get his act together enough to stay in line. I know he's crazy, but dude loves his basketball.


Nick Gelso said...

Nice Read. Well put!