Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Basketball Documentaries To Look Forward To

In these dull days of the NBA off-season, we find ourselves looking for basketball related entertainment, but usually can't find a thing. Well, at least there's two upcoming basketball documentaries to wait for.

Devin Green: The Journey

This is actually already out. It is being released through YouTube and there are already three episodes available (I hear the fourth is coming early tomorrow morning). More episodes will be added as things move along. I've already watched an episode and it's a great look inside what the business side of basketball can be like. Not everyone has an easy ride like Kobe or LeBron.

Here are the first, second and third episodes also. Look for more on this as it continues on.

This other documentary was announced a while back, but I wanted to give it a mention anyway:


If you didn't watch the video, this one is about the Sonics leaving Seattle. It's about all the rough stuff that went down between the new ownership and the city of Seattle.

It looks really good and is dropping on the Sonicgate website October 12th.

Any other great basketball movies or shows floating around?


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