Saturday, August 01, 2009

Shoe of The Week: CLUCT Ex-O-Fit

Disclaimer: I'm no full on sneaker head, but every week we're gettin our shoe on here! Each week I'll pick a shoe that I like, basketball, or normal. Get your new leather smell ready!

Not a ton of hot shoes out there on the nets. There were some, like these, but usually I'd expect more. These are some solid Reebok shoes. I would rock these with almost anything. Could go decent with some Lakers gear (a road jersey or shooting shirt, especially).

Here's a little description on them from Nice Kicks:

It owns a predominately black base with one yellow accents in the form of the strip design on the side panel. One more interesting feature on this shoe is the CLUCT embroidery seen throughout the quarter panel.

Looks like they are available here. It is a foriegn site, so be careful about copping them there.


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