Monday, August 10, 2009

Must Tivo: Shaq vs

So, with the NBA in the true downtime of the off-season, Shaq has a show starting on ABC soon! Sure, it may not be basketball, but hell, Shaq is usually pure gold and LOL's.

The show features Shaq facing off against other athletes in their sport. He faces the likes of Serena Williams, Oscar de la Hoya and Albert Pujols. I am most eager to see him box. This should be just the right amount of funny to keep me entertained until late October-when the season starts.

Here's a little video about the show:

Yay or nay on Shaq vs?


Sports Chump said...

Speaking of Shaq, I'd love your guys' take on my latest Shaq piece regarding his place in NBA history.

I'd also be interested in exchanging blogrolls if you want.

Anonymous said...
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