Tuesday, August 04, 2009

An Idea To Make Marko Jaric's Career Somewhat Interesting

She's with him? What? Oh well, I think Marko needs to do something to be more than a bad bench warmer with a hot wife. Even though he's averaged 10.2 points per 36 minutes for his career (which I was surprised at), he should collaborate with NBA TV.

The collaboration would be a show called Wednesday Nights with Marko and Adriana. Other titles could be This Girl Dates That Guy???, or How the Hell Did Marko Jaric get his own show?? Basically, NBA TV would film whatever Marko and Adriana do for an hour.

It'd be like NBA meets TMZ. Except this isn't the most famous baller, by a long shot. I can see them eating dinner with a couple. Fighting when they went away. That would be entertaining enough until the season started..

Yes, this post is sponsored by NBA off-season boredom. Can we start a show like this to make things a little interesting, Stern???

What other similar ideas do you all have?