Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The NBA Players That Would Kill On Ustream

Last night Stephon Marbury had the world going crazy with his really entertaining Ustream show. I wasn't watching from the start, but when I jumped in, I felt like I was at home. This is where NBA players need to be. I love them on Twitter, but I really love them on Ustream. So who would kill on Ustream??

Michael Beasley

I picked Beasley because he's already on Twitter and I think he'd tell crazy stories. The great thing about Marbury's show was how he would take a question and spin it in a way only he could. I think Beasley has those same skills. If you watch this interview, you see what I mean.

He'd be funny, crazy and interactive. That's what makes an NBA Ustream'er worth while.

Ron Artest

Everyone wants to see Ron Ron get on Ustream. I don't really have to explain why it would be golden. Remember his video blog? That was amazing itself. His Ustream would be like that, multiplied by a billion and blended with the awesomeness of Artestisum.

Would he be high during his broadcasts? That's up for you guys to decide. I would be so glued to my screen I couldn't even tell you. That would be the best, trust me!

Allen Iverson

"We talkin bout Ustream'in??" I can see AI on Ustream. He'd talk about his current situation. Hell, maybe it could be a live video resume? He could show GM's how many viewers he could get and how many questions and activity he creates. It's the only reason any team should sign him now anyway. You gotta sell tickets during tough economic times!

He would probably give us many great quotes like Starbury did. The only thing I wouldn't like is how much time AI would waste addressing the haters. Marbury did that and it's kind of annoying. Iverson would have some many more haters, it would be crazy.

JaVale McGee

McGee is the most underrated guy on this list. Not a lot of people know him, but he could be one of the most entertaining Ustream'ers. He would rap and sing. That's always entertaining for about five minutes.

He's my sleeper on this list. If he ever does live stream, watch it. It would be very good.


Another obvious, yet right choice. Shaq would be the mecca of all Ustreams. He'd really get into it. Just like when he got on Twitter, after he learned the in's and outs of Ustream, he could do some great things on it.

I can't imagine how many things he could do on it. The possibilities are endless. I'm getting anxious just thinking about it.

Hey NBA, it would be AWESOME if you could make these players get on Ustream. Sponsor it and start marketing the NBA as the first mega-interactive sports league. DO IT NOW!

Who else could really rock a Ustream show?


Anonymous said...

Brook Lopez---loves comics, loves video games, talks like a surfer-bro, is hilarious

Eddie House---runs his mouth all the time and thinks highly of himself, since you listed Iverson, Marbury, Shaq, etc. he fits the bill

Anonymous said...

Delonte West for sure.