Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chris Bosh vs. Charlie Villanueva: First to 50k Wins!

Chris Bosh and Charlie Villanueva are having a friendly contest on twitter. The challenge is to get to 50,000 followers first. Whoever does will get to do a YouTube skit with the other player. Villanueva has decided to make Bosh do the Shane Marcado dance if he wins. Bosh is going to let his Twitter followers decide what Villanueva has to wear for the skit.

This is a fun thing to do during the off-season. I'm pulling for Bosh to win. Why? Because Bosh is the current underdog, a better player and the overall more interactive, connected athlete.

As I write this, Villanueva has a 227 lead in number of followers. Bosh has started to inch closer with live broadcasts and calls for retweets, etc., but he's still an underdog. As a Lakers fan, I don't normally go for the underdog, but this time I'm going for the underdog. I want to see the more active player win.

I don't need to explain why Bosh is a better player. He is a legit All-Star and can do it all. Case and point.

I want to give Bosh my support. Bring it home, CB4! Embarrass Charlie V! You know it's the off-season when I make a whole post about this, ha ha!


Patrick said...

I'm rooting for Villanueva. He's third on my list of favorite NBA twitterers behind Shaq and Kevin Love. Plus, I wanna see CB4 do that crazy dance. Lol.