Friday, July 17, 2009

The Blazers Will Be Fine

Just as everyone expected, the Jazz are matching the Blazers offer sheet to Paul Millsap. While adding Millsap or the Turkish version of MJ would have been great, Kevin Pritchard has still built a solid, very young squad. I know the Blazers will be fine in the long run.

The Blazers were smart to try and bring in a big name this off-season. They wanted to show that they are willing and able to make big moves just like the other top tier teams have. It just so happens that they wanted to pounce on a market that just wasn't good enough. But, the real positive is that the money is still there for them to spend.

Looking at their current cap situation, they still have enough money to do what's most important for their future. That's signing Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldridge to extensions. They will probably end up giving Roy a max contract, while I'm sure Aldridge will also get a hefty raise also.

But even with the lower amount of money to be avaliable at hand, why can't they make some moves come the summer of 2010? They will have some money to throw around. What player wouldn't want to come to a team on the rise, where the average age is just 23.5 years old (not counting current free agents)? I know I would. Don't forget, they're YOUNG!

Since they are so young, the window for a title is wide open right now. They are still young and inexperienced. That's what's great about them all being on this team. They'll make mistakes together and learn and continually improve.

Look, I am a Lakers fan and will be forever, but I can't hate what the Blazers have put together. They've got an entertaining, young, great team. I wish them all the luck in the world, keep looking up to LA!