Monday, June 15, 2009

Things to Change About the NBA Finals

I thought the finals overall were entertaining. Unfortunately, it only went five games; only three of which were close. As a self proclaimed Laker fan, I'm not against the results by any means (I do love all NBA basketball, though). Here are some ideas I have for the NBA to change about the finals:

Pre-game and In-game crews:

Why are they always the same? I mean, I understand that it's important to become familiar with the people that will be calling the games. But I get that in the season; also in the playoffs. Why not switch up the radio guys with the TV guys?

I like Hubie Brown and would like to see another perspective. Everyone views the game differently and Hubie and others have different experiences and expertise to bring to the broadcasts. Why do you have to get us loyal NBA viewers stuck in a rut? You know where I'm coming from, religious NBA viewers??

I'm not saying they should bring in people we've never seen broadcast before. All I'm asking for is a game or two where the TV guys do radio and vice versa. Does that frighten you, ABC? If it does, that shows exactly why I like TNT broadcasts more than yours.


This is something where I agree with Phil Jackson. Someone asked Phil about how this time of year it the greatest and what not. Phil went on to say that it was great, but all the scheduled practices and media availability was something that killed the greatness.

Why can't we give these guys a little time to enjoy? Let them pick when they want to practice and talk to the media? These are professionals, employees of the league. Since the league says when they should play, it's only fair to allow them some flexibility in setting other parts of their profession.

These are very well paid professionals, though. I would certainly shut up if I was getting those kinds of bills. Call it a slight gripe, not a full on complaint.

2-3-2 Format

This is a change that @eMomma78 sent via Twitter. She wants the 2-2-1-1-1 used, rather than the 2-3-2. 2-2-1-1-1 is the norm for the first three rounds.

I don't really have a problem with it. Either format you have, all it comes down to is executing. I do believe that being on your homecourt is a huge advantage, but this format changes nothing in terms of who gets more games on their floor. If you earn homecourt, you have nothing to gripe about with this format.

I wouldn't mind if the same format (2-2-1-1-1) was used throughout all four rounds though. It's not a must-do, but it would be nice.

People who ask ?'s in Press Conferences

If you've every watched the press conferences, you know they suck. They ask all the questions that these guys are expecting. Can't they be original and actually pick these guys brains? I know it's hard to get the best answers in the world out of these guys, but damn.

Something else they don't do is adapt to the persons traits. You should know that after a tough loss, or something like that, a person's going to be very mum and irritated in their answers. If you don't pick that up after the first couple of answers, you're an idiot. But they keep pushing that envelope that pisses the person off.

Why? Because they are that mainstream media that sucks and needs to let great people ask hard questions! That was rant worthy!

Take some time off for now, NBA. But, before next season's preparations get into full force, take a look at this post and make the NBA finals even better next year. You know you want to!


rashad said...

Amen about the in game crews. I would have loved to hear Hubie Brown/Marv Albert combo. Or an old school Dick Stockton/Heinsohn booth. Van Gundy/Jackson/Breen are nice, but I grew tired of them quickly. Hubie Brown however, I never tire of...

cp said...

You have got to be kidding me about hubie brown. Maybe the one thing I DID like about the finals was his absence. Look I respect the man's career but if I have to hear one more of his "Well we know this about (insert anything) the real question is..." statements (avg 100 times per game) I might die. These statements are how he evaluate the entire game. Endless, mindless piles of retorical questions that offer no real insight because like he says WE ALL KNOW IT. He's like the grandparent that doesn't make sense any more that everyone has to agree with out of respect. Although, I can't deny that I have to smile a little everytime I hear him call Chris Andersen "The Birdman".

Alex said...

@cp Hey, I have to disagree with you about Hubie Brown. I think he provides a breakdown to certain plays in the game that are unique to how coaches see the game. He provides things that some broadcasters cannot. I do think his questions are a little obvious, though!

Nick Gelso said...


Alex could not have been more correct about Hubie Brown.

The Abc/Espn broadcast crews are the absolute worst. It does not get any worse then Mark Jackson! OMG!

When TNT signs off for the season I actually get depressed for a day or two.

Rashad, vintage Marv and Mike or Dick and the Tommy gun would be sooooo good.

Anything is better then Van Gundy, Breen and Jackson!

Regarding 2-3-2, this started in 1985 and caused quite a stir. I feel it takes homecourt advantage totally out of the series.

It almost requires the team playing the 3 middle games to win three in a row.

Think about it this way, it's hard enough to win 3 straight games in the regular season, let alone the NBA Finals.

Great Article!

Anonymous said...

the only suggestion that makes any sense is the one you dismissed- the 2-3-2 format

Jimmy said...

2-3-2 is a great format. why would someone want to travel that many times in a 2 week span. that is a little much

chris said...

Van Gundy/Jackson/Breen are annoying. Van Gundy with his nasal whine, Jackson always trying to come up with a sound bite for 12 year kids' video games.....come on! The best coverage guys call games without a bias and I found this trio to be over-the-top in their Magic slant. Hubie Brown isn't the answer, but ABC had better find a better group to call the game.

Nick Gelso said...

Here is a list of quality broadcasters (in no particular order)...

1. Dick Stockton
2. Doug Collins
3. Hubey Brown
4. Kevin Harlan
5. Reggie Miller
6. Marv Albert
7. Mike Fratello

All are from TNT! Coincidence?

Pick a few ABC/ESPN! PLEASE!

Nick Gelso said...
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