Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thanking Everyone From Blogs With Balls

I know I'm a little late in doing this, but I have to thank everyone from the Blogs With Balls Conference. It took place last Saturday, June 13th at Stout in New York City. The event was supposed to be a place for sports bloggers to meet for the first time and talk about issues in the sports blogging field.

Overall I'd say the event was a huge success. Everyone was ready to network and talk about the field. The panels were entertaining for the most part. I learned to just work harder than everyone else and try to see what other bloggers are doing and use that to develop my own style.

I want to thank Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm. He was really nice and is going to help me become a better blogger. More on how in time. I also have give big thanks Jeff Garcia of Project Spurs. He knew the area and helped a little in that regard. He also was just real cool and made the conference better.

More thanks:
Adam Best, Fansided
Michael De Leon, Project Spurs
Jimmy Castro, The No-Look Pass
Rey-Rey, The No-Look Pass
Zach Harper, Talk Hoops
John Fischer, In Lou We Trust (it's about hockey, but dude's nice)
Lenny aka Houroc, Hail Mary Jane
The Bloguin Network People
HHR Media Group

I'm sorry if I missed you (comment to be added on), but I just want to once again thank everyone involved with making this event happen! See you in Vegas? I hope so!