Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Talk Around the Hardwood

The draft is so close, can you feel it?

  • Yahoo! Sports. Knicks and Grizz talking trade? Lots of other rumors, also.
  • Nike Basketball. If you understand Spanish, all these Meet the Rubio videos could be entertaining.
  • The No Look Pass. Tim Duncan featured in a graphic novel. Make sure you get yours.
  • Truth About It. Brendan Haywood no like poets!
  • King James Gospel. Tarence Kinsey was charged with a DUI. It happened not far from the town I live in!
  • Project Spurs. Hopefully the Spurs don't pick up guys like this, Jeff gives the top 3 worst Spurs draft picks.
  • Steady Burn. Six teams that should go back to their old logos (three are NBA teams).
  • Examiner. Robert Horry is now going into reality TV. I bet he'll still be clutch.
  • RealGM. Sounds like KG's knee is doing good.
  • Talk Hoops. Great Truehoop Network style Hardwood Paroxyzm style podcast.