Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Talk Around the Hardwood

Link time!

  • Sporting News. Steve Nash will be a special correspondent on game three of the NBA finals for Letterman. Yay!
  • TMZ. Don't look now, it's Reggie Miller's tramp stamp.
  • You Dunked On. Let's go back in history. To a time when Mike Dunleavy Jr. was healthy enough to get dunked on by DWade.
  • Talk Hoops. Their most recent podcast. I'm sure it's filled with a bunch of randomness, mixed in with some thoughts on the finals.
  • DraftExpress. Breaking Down the NBA Draft Historically by Position, Class and Year.
  • NBAdraft.net. Keeping with the draft, here's a breakdown of day three of the 2009 Reebok Eurocamp.