Sunday, June 14, 2009

Since People Critize Coach Ewing; Can we Critize Coach Abdul-Jabbar?

Patrick Ewing and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have taken young bigs under their respective wings. Patrick Ewing coaches Dwight Howard and Kareem coaches Andrew Bynum. Howard is more of a begginer in terms of post offense, while Bynum has progressed to be a better low post player. What I don't understand is, based on Bynum's recent performance, why don't more people critize coach Abdul-Jabbar?
A lot of people say Ewing should help Dwight more. Kareem has worked with Bynum longer, even though Bynum's two years younger. All Bynum has shown are moments of dramatic improvement. Overall, all he's shown is he's a solid rotation player. So, why don't we have an equal amount of accountability for both of these coaches?
Coach Ewing has taken too much heat if you ask me. You can't ask for anything more but effort and time put into molding a player. That's what Patrick has done. He works with Dwight on post moves and free throws. What else could you ask for? It really comes down to Dwight. It's his work that will propel him into a perrenial All-Star. Ewing is just an aid in helping him to do so.
I'm not lobbying for people to become anti-Kareem. I just want each guy to be critized and praised fairly. They each coach guys that will be great players if they continue working. Some people say one coach is not doing his job so well. Until you really see a whole workout with them working, you have to shut your mouth. You can't judge a coach without really seeing him in action.
Don't bag on Patrick Chewing, people. But, if you must, bag a little on Kareem, too.