Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who Has the Better Bench: Lakers or Nuggets?

The Lakers bench and the Nuggets bench have been squaring off in the Western conference finals. On one night, it's seems like the other teams bench gives a strong lift to their team, while the other bench stinks.

So that begs the question, which teams bench is really better?

Overall, it's a very tough question. On some nights, the Nugget bench looks like the best in the league. But, their overall play on the road is not near as good or consistent as it needs to be. You never know if JR Smith or Birdman are going to play well in LA.

Because of some Nugget inconsistency, I'm going with the Lakers. Not that they haven't been very inconsistent of late, but I think they can make things happen on the road. It's all about intensity with the LA bench. If they show strong effort, they should be the best bench in the league. Period.

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