Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tonight, The Lakers Better..

  • Bring the right effort from the opening tap
  • Play defense for more than two possessions
  • Not let Aaron Brooks catch a HALF-COURT alley-oop
  • Hack-a-Hayes. Check out how great his free throws look
  • Bring back the ridges in Battier's head. The Basketball Jones pointed out that Battier lost them, so be PHYSICAL and bring em back, LA
  • To continue on the last point, Pau has to bring lots of aggression. Yes, that means you'll hear 300 screams from him in the paint tonight
  • Withstand Houston's runs. Kobe has to be ready to dominate the one-on-one game when things become stagnant offensively
  • Throw the first punch
  • That means they need to hit early three's, establish their pace, piss of Artest early; all that good stuff
  • Truly hit their stride. I saw the Lakers play a bunch this season and I can tell you this hasn't been the second best team in the league yet in the playoffs. It's time to start whipping some ass
What does Houston have to do to win tonight?