Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time To Rebuild in Dallas

The Dallas Mavericks had their season ended last night by the Denver Nuggets. Most people following this series assumed they were going to lose the series, including me. This series has put what Dallas needs to begin doing this off-season into perspective. Changes must be made.

This team IS NOT good enough to compete for a championship. Mark Cuban and the rest of the Dallas organization need to get that through their thick skulls. That means they must make moves to add more talent, or start building a young core for the future.

I feel like they need to start over again. They don't have to totally rebuild, but they need to accept a couple losing seasons without playoff runs. That will get them further into the playoffs quicker. The team they have now can only do as good as they did this year.

The guys I would keep on this team are their young bigs. That means Ryan Hollins and Brandon Bass. They are great hustle guys. They always play hard and they know their roles. Rebound, hustle and pick up garbage points, that's what they do.

One thing I would also do is try to cut payroll. I know Mark Cuban spent lots of money to put this team together. It worked for a couple years, but now they need money. Preparing for the upcoming free agent classes will be a key to getting back to prominence.

Just be smart, Mavs. Your team is not good enough, we know. But prove us wrong by making your team a contender quickly!