Thursday, May 07, 2009

Time To Invest in PERK

The Celtics have faced many injuries this year. Kevin Garnett and Leon Powe are out and there's no PJ Brown to come off the bench like last season. That has forced guys in the Celtic front line to grow.

The guy who has grown the most has been Kendrick Perkins. He went from a defense-only guy to a guy that can no put up double digits for you almost every night. He wouldn't have to do what he's been doing if KG was healthy. He's been forced to take on more of a load and he's thriving.

His success makes me think of him like a stock. Kendrick Perkins (ticker symbol: PERK), has had a tremendous fourth quarter. His growth rate is increasing at a rapid rate and his profit margins will increase when he hits free agency.

What I'm saying is make sure you put some money on him soon, Boston. PERK can be a very solid role player for a title contending team for a while. He will never be an All-Star that everyone knows, but he'll always be solid. Buy some PERK!