Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shoe of the Week: Nike Zoom Sharkley Paul Pierce PEs

Disclaimer: I'm no full on sneaker head, but every week we're gettin our shoe on here! Each week I'll pick a shoe that I like, basketball, or normal. Get your new leather smell ready!

If only Paul Pierce could have played as well as these shoes look in every game in the playoffs. They'd already be past Orlando.

These are really nice on the eyes (more pics here). They look like something Paul would rock on the court. They look sweet, but not too flashy; kind of like Paul's game.

Sad thing for all of you that want the shoe: they were only released in two Boston Foot Locker locations. Also, I checked Ebay and I only found one real looking result. So, right now, these are pretty exclusive kicks. I don't know if there's a plan for them to come to other Foot Locker's, but hopefully they will soon.

Because of the limited number of Paul Pierce PEs out there, here's the runner-up:

These Vans are part of the DQM x Kicks HI x HUF Vans Half Cab Pack. I'd say they are a four out of five.

The black pairs are very versatile; which is a big reason I chose this pack of Vans. The red pair is OK, but I think they would be hard to rock a lot (maybe Aaron Brooks could wear them with his red suit?). Overall, they're simple, yet nice kicks.

What shoes caught your eye this week?