Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shoe of The Week: Nike Air Force 1 Low Mr Cartoon Livestrong Stages Collection

Disclaimer: I'm no full on sneaker head, but every week we're gettin our shoe on here! Each week I'll pick a shoe that I like, basketball, or normal. Get your new leather smell ready!

These are so hot they are breaking my monitor! I LOVE the look of these. They have great, unique designs and are definitely a real looker.

They are set to release in July; mark your calendars! I would especially get these if you happen to have a lot of yellow. Perfect for the casual Laker fan!

Some details on the shoe from Kix and The City:
The Mr. Cartoon LIVESTRONG Nike Air Force 1 Low is a remake of the "spiderweb" version of Mr. Cartoon's Air Force 1 Low which did not ever officially hit retail but did hit the streets. The LIVESTRONG Stages Mr. Cartoon Nike Air Force 1 Low features all of Cartoon's original artwork using the LIVESTRONG palette of Black, Yellow, and White. The sneaker also features the LIVESTRONG logo on the tongue.

No runner up this week, just wait until July and get yourself a pair of these! As long as they're stable, they'll be a great buy.


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