Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Review: Everyone Hates A Ball Hog, But They All Love a Scorer

I recently got a chance to read Everyone Hates a Ball Hog, But They All Love a Scorer. Before I read the book, I was expecting good things. It more than lived up to my expectations.

The author, Coach Koran Godwin is an accomplished ball player. He is the leading scorer at the University of North Florida (if his ankles didn't give him problems, he probably could have been in the NBA). His book gives you his offensive game plan.

To do that, he breaks the book down into three main parts: pre-season, game time and post-season. One thing I really like about the organization of the book is how he ends each chapter. After explaining all of his points and tips in great detail, he gives nice summaries of what he said in the Coach Godwin Tips. As a reader that made it a lot easier to focus on what was important in each chapter.

The book itself is also not really about how to play basketball. Rather, it's about how to prepare for the game and what you should be thinking about in terms of your individual offense. Coach Godwin suggests breaking the game down into quarters and halves. That whole first lesson, The Godwin Theory, is an innovative and great way to approach scoring.

Get this book! It's perfect for anyone studying or trying to improve their knowledge of basketball. Whether you're a player, someone looking to learn the game of basketball, or a scout looking for a system to use to evaluate players, Coach Godwin's ideas are easily understood . You can use it as the perfect stepping stone to creating your routine to get ready for the season. You could use it look like less of a dummy when it comes to basketball. Many uses for this book.

Also, here's Amazon's description of the book:

Some people believe great basketball players are born and others say that they are made. This book will prove the latter. With lessons that are simple and easy to learn, Coach Godwin shows you first hand what it takes to consistently score points every game. Step into the shoes of a scorer as you find out how to excel on and off the basketball court. You Will Learn: How to score with your head and not just your feet, The importance of studying film, What moves to focus on in your off-season program, The difference between a Ball Hog and a Scorer, To balance and prioritize your life off the court, To consistently put up big numbers every game and how to use basketball to excel in life.

Don't just take my word for the quality of this book, check out the Hoop Doctors review.

Check out Coach Godwin's site, and order your copy of the book!