Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Predicting the Lakers-Nuggets Series with YouTube

Tonight, the Lakers and Nuggets will play game 1 of the Western Conference finals. Game time is set for 9 PM Eastern on ESPN. Can't wait to see some great basketball, but let's some thoughts in first.

How many Kmart takedowns for the series??

Since he'll want to intimidate Gasol, I'm going with 10. Those 10 will be in full force to start the game too. He wants to send his message.

What's a Kmart takedown? It's kind of like this:

How many how the F did he do that plays?

Since we have Kobe and Melo squaring off, I'd say a lot. Kobe probably will have 3-5 a game and Melo will probably have 2 a game.

Pretty shots here:

Foul or not, this was big:

How many blocks can the Birdman get per possession?

Well, I hope it's not like the video I'm about to post. LA has to score to win any games you know..

Will Chauncey get any dunks??

I know they only come once in a blue moon. It would be funny to see though. I'll be an optimist and hope for one.

Dunk contest, anyone (ha ha, just kidding, Chauncey):

Will JR Smith go crazy and make tons of three's?

Probably not, but I think he could get 2.5 a game if LA doesn't watch out.

Remember when he had 11 against Sacremento:

So, who takes the series? Nuggets or Lakers?