Friday, May 22, 2009

The Lakers Have to Make a Decision on Point

The Lakers have got a tough choice to make on their point guard rotation. Recently, their rotation of points guards has been Derek Fisher, followed by Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar. All of them are solid players and they make their own contributions to the Lakers. Air-ball jumpers, that's a bad contribution.To fish or not to fish, that's what I'm struggling with.

Derek Fisher is in one hell of a shooting slump right now. In the first two games of the series against Denver, he's shot 6-22 from the field; a disgusting 27%. That makes me wonder why the Lakers shouldn't start Jordan Farmar. Farmar will shot the ball better and can provide some quickness to keep Chauncey on his heels. As long as Farmar's prepared to defend Billups, I'd welcome the change.

After Farmar starts, Fisher could guard Anthony Carter. Carter is not a big part of the Denver offense and is an easy guard because he's not a very good jump shooter. Brown could also guard Carter. It's just a matter of who Phil Jackson wants out there.

Another reason Phil should make this change is to send a message. The message is that Fisher must make open jumpers. That is his strength offensively and without that component to his game, he's an ineffective offensive player (except when he runs the triangle; that's important).

So, either make a change to the starting lineup, or give Fisher a little less burn. Got that, Phil?

Do you think LA should change their point guard rotation?


and1grad said...

Totally agree. I've been screaming this on the twitter since the Lakers/Jazz series, and especially during the LA/Hou series. Let Farmar start. He even runs the offense better than Fish does.