Sunday, May 31, 2009

Introuducing Josh Dhani

If you haven't noticed yet, we've got another member to the team here at NBAtipoff. His name is Josh Dhani and he's done a great job as our first contributor. I asked him a couple questions so you readers can get to know him better.

Me: So tell the readers a little bit about yourself (what team is your favorite, where you've written in the past, etc.).

Josh: My favorite team is the Indiana Pacers, I bleed the gold and blue. I have written for many sites in the past and I am very close to having an interview with my hometown hero from Indiana: Eric Gordon!!!

Me: What kind of perspective are you going to continue to bring?

My perspective to the site is more of a columnist and some breaking news. I have two great series, one is called Big NBA News which brings out the biggest rumors that no one has heard yet but you should, it's surprising! And my other one is NBA Talk which brings out voice and shows some good passion in my writing and it talks about the breaking news and game recaps from the NBA.

Me: What are your goals for the future and how will writing here at NBAtipoff help you?

Josh: My goals are to be a professional sports player because I am an avid one. I usually play football, basketball, and golf in my spare time. My best is in b-ball because I am such a consistent three-point shooter. Other than that, I could be a sportswriter and NBAtipoff can help me with my sportswriting abilities.

Me: How are you different than what we can read on ESPN and Yahoo!. What makes you stand out?

Josh: What makes me stand out between ESPN and Yahoo is that I speak my own voice better than Yahoo and stuff. On Yahoo's blogs like Ball Don't Lie or Shutdown Corner, they talk about what the player's are wearing usually which is stupid. I go for the real game and talk about who is bad and who's awesome. ESPN and Yahoo won't do that because they might be afraid to say it. Just speak it out!

Me: Who ya got to win the finals?

Josh: I pick the Magic because they made the best team in the NBA look horrible. If they can stop LeBron, they can stop Kobe too. They also jacked up 62 threes, a record for six games in a series. With three point shooting ability and Dwight Howard doing what he does, the magic will win. I say magic in seven,

Me: Any last thoughts?

Josh: Well GO PACERS!!!! And NBAtipoff, you'll be having a great writer in me.

Thanks to Josh! He will continue posting his stuff for the site!! Checkout his blog FootBasket.