Saturday, April 25, 2009

You Have to Feel Bad For Rip

It's been a tough year and a tough first round so far for the Pistons. Everyone knew that based on the effort the put out in the regular season, their chances of competing with the Cavs was slim.

They tried with some success in game three; they had their biggest lead of the series and actually lead for a large part of the 1st quarter. But some effort is not enough. They needed effort for 48 minutes.

Then I heard Richard Hamilton talking about it postgame. You can hear how badly he wants to just win a game. It makes me feel bad for the guy; he's a great competitor, but he needs the rest of his guys to go out there and play well also. I hope that sometime in the near future that competitors like Rip can do well and advance in the playoffs.

Here's his postgame comments: