Friday, April 03, 2009

When Losses Are Good

Last night the Cavs lost a game they should have won against the Wizards. The Cavs really didn't play well all game and they deserved to lose. This is a great teaching opportunity for the coaches. That's why some losses are good and some wins are bad.

Examples of good losses: Cavs lost to Wizards; Lakers fall to the Bobcats.

Why they're good: While any loss isn't good, coaches get to tell you what went wrong. In the Cavs case, they just didn't get up for the game. This will help the coaches figure out when they need to pick up their intensity and keep the Cavs focused on winning games they're supposed to win. It's all a build up to being a title contender.

In the Lakers case, they were out worked for a large part of the game. Then they can work on defense rebounding and getting into the triangle more in practice. It also allows the coaching staff to see what match ups fluster their team and plan on how to combat those difficulties.

Also something that occasionally happens are bad wins, or games that you shouldn't win. I think of the Celtics recent win over the Bobcats in double overtime. Sure, the C's are the obvious favorite, but they were able to win by turning the switch on and coming back. They didn't play like they wanted to win for 48 minutes. True champions need to play that way all game, every game.

So, if you're looking at last nights scores and you're a torn Cavs fan, don't hold you head to low. While they should've won, the regular season is all a learning process and they will learn more about themselves after every game.