Monday, April 13, 2009

Thoughts on a Closing Celtic Window

Without KG, no elite Celtic team should lose to the Cavs by 31. KG or not. So that got me thinking about how close the window is to shutting. See my fantastic bulleted thoughts:
  • 99. When you add up the age of the Big Three, that's what you get. An average age of 33. That means the window after this year is pretty slim.
  • I don't care how a player may be different, everyone will deteriorate as they age. Same applies to these three. Hopefully they won't look like Shaq did when he was 35+ (in Miami before he found the fountain of youth).
  • Behind the Big Three, they are truly a team that would go under .500. Rondo, Big Baby, and Perk, those are the best young players behind the vets. That's scary Boston, scary.
  • After this season, I would really consider a move to bring in younger talent. I would want to see just how far they can get this year and if it's not a title; they must get younger.
  • While Danny Ainge made great moves for a title one year, they are really not long term big winners. They will take their elite status now, but in a couple of years they could be missing the playoffs again.
  • I know 2010 hype is bad, but that will be a big summer for the future of this team. They need more stars, youth is a requirement.
Sure, some of these thoughts are scary, but aren't you feeling the same way, C's fans? What is the future beyond what the Celtics have now?