Thursday, April 23, 2009

Talk Around the Hardwood

Link time!

  • Of course, if you haven't heard, a kid by the name of Jeremy Tyler isn't going to play his senior year of high school basketball because he's going to Europe.
  • YouTube. Anderson Varejo imitating LeBron.
  • YouTube. Sorry for all the videos, but in honor of Derrick Rose winning the ROY, here are his top 10 plays of the 09 season.
  • CBS 4. FIU's contract with Isiah Thomas is worth 1.29 million in base compensation. Someone over at that school is smoking something.
  • SI. No Memo for game three of Lakers-Jazz tonight. Maybe they're nailing it in.
  • Ball in Europe. They also talk about the news I mentioned in the first link.
  • Roundball Mining Company. Denver is ballin, "What they are doing now in the first two games against the New Orleans Hornets series is almost too good to be true. Tonight the Nuggets actually implemented four different schemes, at least that I recognized, to slow down Chris Paul."
  • Celtics Hub. Talking about Paul Pierce and game three tonight, "There are all kinds of excuses trying to explain his lackluster performances. Personally I agree with our friends over at Celticsblog in not being worried at all about the Captain. The guy has had stretches like this all year where he looks off for a game or two. The guy however knows when to pick his spots."
  • Peachtree Hoops. Talking about game two of Hawks-Heat, "If the Hawks had actually won, you can't imagine the fun I would have had with the fact that an actual Hawk roamed the building for the first few minutes of the game. Instead, we lost and I watched Al Horford and Joe Johnson laugh and take serious interest in both the bird's abnormal presence and safety."

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