Monday, April 20, 2009

Talk Around The Hardwood

It's day three of the playoffs, let's link!

  • Blaze of Love. Why Nate McMillan should have gotten more coach of the year love, "The guy coaching the youngest team in the NBA who just led his team to an extra 13 wins this year deserves some serious recognition. Let me say those two things again, a 13 WIN DIFFERENCE and YOUNGEST TEAM in the NBA."
  • Cleveland Scene. Buy Larry Hughes house. I'm sure it's perfect for the recession.
  • Quite to the Contrary. A KG ad that tries to remind you how much of a competitor the guy is.
  • Detroit Free Press. Michael Curry may not be the brightest coach Detroit "I think we can win this series.”
  • Ticket News. NBA fine in terms of sales, "an average of 17,520 fans per game, the year ranks third all-time".
  • YouTube. Anthony Johnson dunk on someone! This would be a poster, too bad no kid wants Anthony hanging in his or her room.
  • Pounding the Rock. Good idea for the Spurs, "We need at least one perimeter player that can play defense at all times. That means we must start Bowen and bench Mace. Finley's awful as a bench player and the Mavs don't really start an explosive shooting guard anyway, so I'd move Fin to the two and have some decent size out there."
  • At The Hive. You have to be scared when the issues they present in this post cause them to think that the Hornets could be swept (if the issues aren't resolved).
Of course, I will again be tweeting some thoughts on tonight's games. Can't wait for the action!