Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Talk Around The Hardwood

Finally NBA action for the new week starts tonight!! Let's link:

  • The Hoop Doctors. Top Ten Signs You Might Not Be A Great NBA General Manager. Number 1 is a classic.
  • Rotoworld. So it sounds like Roger Mason will be inserted into the starting five to replace Manu.
  • The Racquet. The Calipari Effect-will have a big part in determining where some of the best HS prospects go.
  • SI. Talking Oden vs. Durant (right now, it's obviously Durant for me).
  • Hoops World. What went wrong with the Wizards and how to fix it.
  • Fan House (they got it from Truehoop). Jannero Pargo does an impersonation of Kobe, probably wishes he stayed in the NBA.
  • Blaze of Love. Kellex responds to my earlier link to SI, "Don't we all agree that Kevin Durant will play in All-Star games and be in MVP conversations for years to come? And Oden, will hopefully just be a key piece on a team striving to win multiple NBA Championships?"
  • The Puns are Starting to Bore Me. Making the case for Dwight Howard as this years Magic leader.