Thursday, April 02, 2009

Talk Around The Hardwood

Sorry for the inconsistency of the talk this week, but I've got it today!

  • Timberwolves. You have to love this campaign to get Kevin Love the ROY.
  • YouTube. Having fun with Charles and the Big Cactus.
  • Rufus on Fire. On last nights tough, double OT loss, "Raymond Felton cannot take 20 shots. I'm sorry, but you're the SEVENTH BEST SCORING OPTION on this team, and that's if we count Cartier Martin behind you, and if we assume you should be ahead of Dontell Jefferson. You are not a hero for taking tough shots, Raymond. You're hurting the team when you do that."
  • Liberty Ballers. "Thad's injury hurts; there's no question about that. But don't proclaim the season over just yet. If the Sixers can somehow manage to get the fifth seed and weather the storm until Thad is able to return, watch out. This team has shown that they can go into any building, and beat any team, on any given night -- playoffs included.
  • Bleacher Report. The five biggest injuries that will affect the playoffs the most.
  • Daily Thunder. On Russell Westbrook, "Russell is going to help the Thunder win games. He’s going to likely be an All-Star in the future. But his contributions will (hopefully) always be non-traditional. He gets out of the logical/rational realm and into an emotional game. He’s got a chance to be special not because of his raw contributions to a box score, but because of his innate sense of play-making."