Monday, April 27, 2009

Talk About Epic: Net Reaction to Bulls-Celtics Game 4

I saw this great game yesterday. It was game four of the Bulls-Celtics series in Chicago. When all was said and done, it ended up going to two overtimes, with the Bulls winning and nodding up the series at 2-2 with Boston.

Sometimes games are so great, it's hard to say tons about it except find the game tape. So, let's link to some other people who talked about this great game!

By The Horns: I’m telling you, there are three things I will probably never fully understand: How the ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid, why people get suckered into buying the Snuggie, and how Ben Gordon hits those crazy shots. I mean, they’re terrible, low-percentage attempts, the kind that take entire decades off the lives of coaches everywhere. AND HE HITS THEM.

Blog a Bull: With the help of some lucky shots on their end (John Salmons especially) and some lucky misses from the Celtics (Davis missing a couple gimmees, and going 4-16 overall.)

Chicago Bulls Blog: If you missed this one, pretend you didn’t.

There were 28 lead changes and 12 ties. And we thought that was special when we saw 26 lead changes and 17 ties in the Game 1 overtime opener when the Bulls won 105-103 in Boston. The game turned into a battle of attrition, as Celtics Kendrick Perkins and Brian Scalabrine fouled out and Chicago's Brad Miller survived a flagrant foul call reversal early in the fourth quarter only to be disqualified in the first OT.

As in Game 1, when Pierce missed a potential tie-breaking foul shot in the final seconds of regulation, the Celtics controlled their fate in this game.

Ball Don't Lie: And while I could prattle on all day about the health and roster limitations that led to this, the bottom line through four games is that the Bulls and Celtics have afforded us a classic series thus far. And for anyone who doesn't think that a classic playoff pairing can't include a blowout like Thursday's Game 3, I'd direct you over to to look some of your favorite classics up.

Check around the net for more reactions to this game. I'm sure everyone will have lots to say about this one!

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